The Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center was bustling with IPS students offering history lessons on everything from historical figures to medical experiments, the Civil Rights Movement and even Hollywood on Wednesday, March 13, during the National History Day in Indiana (NHDI) IPS District Contest.


A total of 57 IPS students qualified for the NHDI state contest, scheduled for Saturday, April 13, at the University of Indianapolis.


The finalists are among 120 IPS students who competed in the IPS district contest.


NHDI is a yearlong program dedicated to enhancing history education in Indiana’s schools. Students in Grades 4-12 explore a historical subject and then use their research to create a documentary, exhibit, paper, performance or website. To reach the state contest, students must qualify at one of six regional contests held across Indiana.


NHDI is presented by the Indiana National Guard, The Richard W. and Irene Rooker Family Foundation, TCU Foundation and the Vigran Family Foundation.



Finalists from the IPS District Contest

Senior Paper

  • Yosgarth Calderon (Shortridge High School)

“Battle of Normandy: D-Day”

  • Allan Williams (Shortridge High School)

“D-Day: The Duplex Drive Sherman Tank of Normandy”

  • Isaac McCrae (Shortridge High School)

“Medical Experiments in Nazi Concentration Camps: The Tragedy of Suffering and the Triumph of Human Rights”


Senior Individual Documentary

  • Lorielle Obioha (Shortridge High School)


  • Camila Reyes-Cabrera (Shortridge High School)

“The Man of the Hour”

  • Alecs Sosa (Shortridge High School)

“The Rise of Salsa: A Musical Explosion Ignites at Yankee Stadium”


Senior Group Documentary

  • Ben Eichacker, Bryce Ferebee (Shortridge High School)

“Little Rock Nine”

  • Nevaeh Smith, Shawn Pyles (Shortridge High School)

“The Impact of the O.J. Simpson Trial”


Senior Individual Performance

  • Anthony Henderson (Shortridge High School)

“Martin Luther King Jr.’s Impact on the Civil Rights Movement”


Senior Group Performance

  • El’ad Nichols-Kaufman, Anjati Esters (Shortridge High School)

“Influences of the Jacobite Rebellions on the American Revolution”


Senior Individual Website

  • Rodney Hernandez (George Washington High School)

“Reconstruction’s Era: The Slavery Amendments”

  • Kyle Hawver (Shortridge High School)

“The Posthumous Fame of Vincent van Gogh”


Senior Individual Exhibit

  • Joshua Oajaca (Shortridge High School)

“Industrial Revolution”

  • Elizabeth Perkins (Shortridge High School)

“Chicago Architecture is on Fire”

  • David Rozelle (Shortridge High School)

“Chicago Fire: 1871”

  • Isabelle Melani (Shortridge High School)

“Crash and Burn: Iceland’s Financial Crisis”

  • Rachel Hack (Shortridge High School)

“Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid”

  • Brenna Young (Shortridge High School)

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun-Damental Rights”

  • Jalynn Knight (Shortridge High School)

“Luis Hine: Effects on Child Labor”

  • Manghnem Tial (Shortridge High School)

“Miracle in the Han River”

  • D’arcy Williams (Shortridge High School)

“Royal Flush”

  • Christina Rickard (Shortridge High School)

“Skrt Skrt: The Indianapolis 500 Deadliest Crashes”

  • Princesa Lerma (Shortridge High School)

“The Great Aztec Empire”

  • Emily Velez (Shortridge High School)

“Where is Louis le Prince?”

  • Jackson Woolsey (Shortridge High School)

“From Tragedy to Triumph: The Berlin Wall”


Senior Group Exhibit

  • Furie Weinbrecht, Andre Burnett (Shortridge High School)

“Child Labor”

  • Eshe Waiss, Damara Sisk (Shortridge High School)

“Black Wall Street Bombing”

  • Joanna Serna, Maria Flores, Daisy Pacheco, Bryant Adams, James Holder (George Washington High School)

“Bryan Clark and Stanley Praimnath…the Unlikely Friendship”

  • Jayvon Montgomery, Jamayla White, Aubrey Johnson, Elvin Caminero (George Washington High School)

“Ending Police Brutality and the Black Panther Party”

  • Miyanna Bybee, Alexis Cleve (Shortridge High School)

“Little Rock 9”

  • Earndeny Garcia-Sanchez, Karla Rodriguez-Rojas (Shortrigde High School)

“Mexico’s Independence”

  • Isabelle Glass, Patrick Utley (Shortridge High School)

“Polio Epidemic”

  • Nevaeh Mills, Lontrell Johnson (Shortridge High School)

“Survivor Stories: The Pain Endured”

  • Bryant Gilchrist, Gavin Cromer, Josue Osorio, Samuel Ogunbodede, Auturo Rivera (George Washington High School)

“The Allies Triumphed Over the Axis Powers (Operation Neptune)”

  • Alexis Ellis, Gabriel Munoz, Ta’Mya Glass (George Washington High School)

“The Salem Witch Trials: The Story of Ann Glover”



To register as a volunteer judge for the state contest, visit or call 317.232.1882.