During the 2019 IPS Summer Meal Program, the IPS Food Service team served free breakfast and lunch to 41,428 students throughout the community.

The program ran from June 10 through July 26 at more than 25 locations, including district schools, public libraries and community centers, as well as from the popular Bus Stop Café (the IPS food bus).

Dena Bond, IPS Food Service director, said while the total number of meals served dropped from last year because summer break and summer school were decreased by one week each, the number of meals served to community youths increased.

“This year, we saw an increase in the number of meals served to community children, about 800 meals per week,” said Bond.

The Bus Stop Café also saw an uptick in service, with an average of 1,112 meals per week this summer compared to 1,012 per week last year. A total of 6,673 meals were served from the food bus this summer.

“We always expect to see good participation at summer school sites and sites with camps, but to see an increase in community participation means we are reaching those children most in need of receiving meals,” said Bond. “The intent of the summer meal program is to fight childhood hunger during the school break, so we are quite pleased that we were successful with our outreach efforts.”