The staff at Clarence Farrington School 61 and Carl Wilde School 79 received special treats on Thursday, March 14, also known as Pi Day.


Schools throughout IPS and beyond made learning fun as they celebrated the mathematical constant 3.1415926535 … (π). In addition to games using the popular number, some school staffers wore Pi Day T-shirts, while students and staff snacked on slices of circular shaped foods — many with the  name “pie” in it.


Clarence Farrington and Carl Wilde were part of the latter, thanks to a sweet donation by members of Connection Pointe Christian Church in Brownsburg.


Nearly 200 mini pies were delivered to both schools, everything from apple to key lime, lemon, Oreo, peanut butter, cherry, banana cream, chocolate fudge, sweet potato, chess and even zucchini. There was enough to ensure that each staff member — from administrators to janitors — received their own, personal pie.


All of the pies were made by church members, with the church providing the supplies needed, including the pans, ingredients, recipes and the boxes.


“It’s just a fun way to show our appreciation to teachers, to let them know that we are really thankful for what they do and the sacrifices they make,” said Michelle Jackson, director of Community Impact at Connection Pointe Christian Church. She made sweet potato and chess pies for the occasion.


Delivering pies on Pi Day started about five years ago at the church, with members making between 500 to 600 pies. Back then, Clarence Farrington was the only IPS recipient. Carl Wilde was added last year. The church serves as a community partner for both schools.


This year, Jackson said the church needed to make 1,500 pies to service staff service at the two IPS schools, as well schools in Brownsburg.


Pi Day is so sweet!