The Choice Application Lottery is new for the 2021–22 school year, and IPS will participate in a citywide, unified enrollment system run by the district’s nonprofit partner Enroll Indy. The lottery works to give IPS students increased educational options, allowing them to go to the school that best fits their educational path and gives them choices on where to go to school.

Through January 29, 2020, families can apply to up to 10 schools at Students will be accepted into the highest preferred school with open seats according to that student’s lottery priorities and randomly assigned lottery number.

Round 1 runs October 30 to January 29, and students are informed of their school assignment by February 23. About 60% of transition-grade seats (and 100% of nontransition-grade seats) will be offered during this period. Special priority terms allow some students increased odds for securing their first choice:

  • District Priority: Students living in the IPS district get priority over those who do not.
  • Sibling Priority: For students with a sibling at a particular IPS school that the student wishes to attend also.
  • Neighborhood Proximity Priority: For students living in a .5-mile radius around their preferred school.
  • Zone Priority: For schools offering multiple sites (Center for Inquiry, Montessori, and Butler Lab Reggio program), students will have priority in the school in their zone.
  • Loyal Applicant Priority: For students who did not receive their school of choice the previous year.
  • IPS Employee Priority: For students whose parents work at an IPS school.

Round 2 runs February 1 to April 30, with notification by May 20. About 40% of transition-grade seats will be offered during that time.

Families who do not receive a match or do not receive their highest preferred school can reapply each year and will get a priority slot as a loyal applicant. All families living in IPS’ boundaries have a guaranteed seat in their assigned IPS neighborhood school. Parents who want their child to attend their neighborhood school do not have to apply.

Director of Enrollment and Options, Patrick Herrel, stressed the importance of applying during Round 1. “It’s critical to apply early,” he said. “At the high school level, more than 90% of families have gotten their first choice for high school if they applied in Round 1. It gets more difficult to predict after that.”

However, high school assignments are exclusively choice, so all high school students must apply to their preferred schools. Families wishing to enroll a child in a Pre-K program must also apply, and they can do so for any Pre-K school around the district.

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