At age 4, Arlington senior Alec Fitts began to develop her interest in sports while playing soccer in local organizations in Indianapolis. Despite not scoring any goals, she knew she enjoyed the environment that sports created.Alec Fitts


As the youngest of five siblings, who all participated in sports at various IPS high schools, Alec was destined to find her way to sports. Like many Indiana-born kids, Alec became a Pacers fan at a young age and began to fall in love with the game of basketball. Her skills developed on the playground with her older brothers, where she would imitate Pacers players and her favorite athlete, Kobe Bean Bryant.


Her grandmother, however, would often discourage her from playing. She worried that her granddaughter’s small stature would cause her to get hurt or that she would be teased because she was usually the only girl in the park shooting hoops with the guys. But as a young “tomboy,” Alec would sneak out of the house to play ball rather than stay inside to play with her dolls.


During her four years as a Golden Knight, she has participated in volleyball, track, tennis, softball and basketball. Alec was even a majorette dancer before coming to the conclusion that she doesn’t have the best rhythm off the court. With her wide range of experiences, Alec prefers to interact with her peers in team sports.


“I love the different personalities you see when you play on a team. You get people from good and bad situations on a team together and you see everyone having fun,” said Alec. “And I feed on everybody’s energy. If you’re hyped, then I’m hyped. It’s such a good feeling.”


With her bubbly personality, she is beloved by her teammates and coaches alike, but taking criticism from her coaches did not come naturally for Alec. As a young freshman, her on-court hubris led to her ignoring her coaches and missing out on important lessons that would later help her improve as a player.


After playing a key role at point guard each of her first three years at Arlington, Alec finally had her breakout season during her senior year. The difference came with her willingness to play hard on both ends of the court, making her a staple on the defensive end, and finishing No. 1 in the state and No. 8 in the nation in steals. After buckling down and playing gritty defense, she saw her offensive game begin to come easier as well, ending the season at No. 3 in the state in scoring at 26 points per game.


Arlington’s Athletic Director, Danny Wilson, knows the impact that Alec has had on her school. “Alec is a leader who leads through example. She is a good student, school citizen and a great teammate, who makes the players around her better. She is a wonderful example for all athletes to follow.”


On May 3, 2017, Fitts was honored as a top female athlete by the Marion County Coaches of Girls Sports Association for her accomplishments on the court and in the classroom. Even with sports being a major focus for her, Alec keeps her school work on top of her priority list.


“The biggest thing for me is putting academics first. You’ve got to make sure that your work is done before you hit the court. There have been situations where I’ve had to miss practice or conditionings because of projects that I’ve had to complete, but I know that I have to keep my GPA above a 3.0.”


Flourishing with her all-around game resulted in offers at the next level for Alec. After weighing her options, Alec signed a letter of commitment to play basketball at Dodge City Community College in Kansas because of her familiarity with the small-school feel and the opportunity to participate in other sports as well. During her time as a Conquistador, Alec will be majoring in pre-veterinary medicine.


Receiving honors on the All-City and All-Metro teams, while maintaining the highest scoring average in school history, the four-year starter has certainly made her mark during her time at Arlington. And with her fun, expressive personality and hard-working nature, Alec is sure to thrive in college and beyond.