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Teaching for the Future

Post by Tina Ahlgren Teachers have a saying that they love to use to highlight the importance of what we do every day - “Teaching is the only profession that cr [...]

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Literacy is Key to IPS Success

When it comes to the building blocks of education, literacy is paramount in the daily experience of our students. Indianapolis Public Schools strives for continued growth in all areas, and we are proud of the increased focus our instructional coaches have put on literacy and the gains our students have shown from this initiative.

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Writing Camp Builds Confident Writers

Each year, Carl Wilde School 79 holds a writing camp for its 3rd grade students for six Saturdays leading up to ISTEP+. This camp is a wonderful opportunity for students to both gain more confidence and skill as writers and realize that writing can be fun.

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1:1 Makes Reading Progress Fun at Riverside

Riverside School 44 has been a 1:1 school now for just over half a school year, but having an iPad for every student during their reading time has already paid off in both measurable and immeasurable ways for students there.

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Crispus Attucks Senior Wins Aspirations in Computing Award

​Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School senior Mariah Mathews has received a National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) Aspirations in Computing Award for the Indiana region. On January 28, Mariah attended an event at the OneAmerica Tower in downtown Indianapolis to receive the award, which honors young women at the high school level for computing-related achievements and interests.

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Classic Books Help Students Get Carried Away in Reading

“Get lost in a book.” This quote wraps up the importance of reading in five simple words. Books can take you to imaginary lands with wizards and talking animals; transport you back in time with stories on fighter pilots in World War II or Civil Rights marches in Washington, D.C. Books are relatable; they tell stories of real life, growing up and facing challenges. So let’s get lost in these books handpicked by Indianapolis Public Schools Media Specialists as the very best.

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Motivation Pays Off for Mustangs

The Robert Lee Frost School 106 Mustangs have some celebrating to do. They just won the Indianapolis Public Schools Middle School Division Basketball championship defeating James A. Garfield School 31.

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Literary Skills Take the Stage in 12-Hour Play Project

A compelling plot, well-developed characters and clever dialogue are all elements of a great novel – or an entertaining play! The upperclassmen theatre students at Broad Ripple Magnet High School for the Arts and Humanities are ready to show off their playwriting talents this week.

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Two IPS Sites to Host College Goal Sunday

Is your scholar ready for college? Securing financial aid is a key step for many families looking at higher education, and help is here! Two of our schools are participating as host sites for Indiana’s College Goal Sunday.

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